Thursday, July 30, 2009

Babies, Bows, Birthday's and Balloons

Yesterday, as you may have already discovered from yesterday's post, was Josefine's One Month Birthday! We celebrated a few different ways:

  • Taking our picture on the minute that Josefine was born. As you can see from the picture below (and we didn't plan the clock being so conveniently in the background), it's 5:17pm. Well, actually, THIS picture says 5:18pm. Eh, give or take a few seconds. But, we do have a few pictures at 5:17pm exactly. But, the clock didn't happen to be in the background in those pictures.

  • Buying Josefine's first bow and putting her in the dress I bought her when we first discovered she was a girl back in February. We took her to church and was loved on by many admirers, who were particularly taken by the bow!

  • Playing with the balloons we got at the hospital when she was born. Papa tied this star-shaped balloon to her wrist. We watched as she tracked it with her eyes. She also found it a bit frustrating when she reached for it, that it went up with her arm as well!

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