Thursday, July 16, 2009

Foot Notes

Judging by what I titled this post, I'd say I'm officially sleep-deprived. But, I have to IS kinda funny. :D Seriously, folks...aren't baby feet just SO precious! Here are a few Josefine Feet pictures I've taken since she was born. Oh, I could just eat them up!

Below is a picture of Josefine's footprints next to her friend, Eva's feet. Eva was born at the end of April. I'm thinking Josefine has some big feet!

When I was just a little tike, my mom used to say my feet smelled like roses. I'll have to tell Josefine someday that hers taste would be a good taste for toes...ah, yes. Pork. You know, from the "little piggie" rhyme that you do w/ little kids' toes. :) Oh, my. I REALLY am sleep-deprived. Either way, I love this picture!


  1. Josefine has such cute feet! Her toes are so long. I love the last picture. Also... LOVE your hair! It's amazing.

  2. Awww...such cute pictures!!! :) Adorable feet, and yes, I'm sure you're sleep-deprived - just try to sleep when Josefine sleeps & don't worry about housework!!! :)

  3. Glad you're home and sharing photos again! But remember Mama's naptime has higher priority ;-)


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