Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Baby Bliss

Wow. Life with Baby sure requires more time than I ever, EVER imagined. Hence, my failure to start this blog off on the right foot. My "goal" was to post a picture and caption daily from Day One. Well, Day One was quite demanding. You know, labor and all. ;) Day Two - stare in awe at my sweet baby girl and forget entirely that computers and internet exist altogether...etc.

So, here we are - Day Eleven. And I STILL need to organize the pictures from the last week and a half so that I can post them honestly as Day One, Two, and so on and so forth.

THIS is the bliss of New Baby (for now)...time managment is on high demand and I'm no natural. I'll tease you with one picture of Josefine from Day 5.

We set up my "studio" and took some pictures with Papa! Here's ONE of my favorites!

Well, off to bed before feeding time!


  1. OH, I love the HAIR! She is so gorgeous!
    stay rested!


  2. She is gorgeous - this picture a day is such a good idea - looking forward to seeing them! And, yes, little ones take up SO much more time than we can ever imagine, don't they??? But it's SO worth it. :) Hang in there - you will sleep again someday!!! :)


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