Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poopie Sunday

Today we took a deep breath and decided to go to Sunday School, and the morning Worship Service as well as the Evening Service...and we did it, successfully! Feeding times were perfect, so I could be at all services! Thanks, Josefine!

Oh, and because I said I just MIGHT share poopie diaper stories, I think I will. :) If you're a mother, you may understand this. Josefine hasn't pooped for way too long. Over a week. We did the Q-Tip thing. Nothing. We even spent 24 hours in the hospital for some tests (not JUST because she wasn't pooping, but because of poor weight gain as well). All was well...and still no poop after a few thermometers down there either. We've been waiting and praying for poop. Something I NEVER thought I would actually HOPE for!

And today was the Big Poopie Day! Mark it on your calendar, folks. She pooped right after church before her evening feeding. And TWICE when we got home from church. This is cause for celebration. So, we gave her a bath. That's what I call celebrating...and she screamed the whole time. Apparently, she didn't feel relieved enough. ;)

Josefine and Mama, all dressed up for church! I love this little strawberry dress!
Josefine and Papa. I adore this picture of the two of them!

Sorry. No poopie pictures. But, this was after the bath...see, I told you she was screaming!


  1. Oh, my goodness, so cute - I'm glad she pooped finally! ;)

  2. Hey Sarah, our chiropractor gave us the advice with Hayden to rub his lower stomach (around the intestinal area) in a small circular motion--clockwise to help get things moving. Counter clockwise does the opposite. But let me just say, it got Silas' bowels moving in a very very VERY explosive way last night. His 'poopy' diaper was more like a lake.


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