Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Josefine has a cousin who was born only a few weeks before her. Her name is Ellenora and she's just a doll of a baby! She and Josefine look quite similar, if you ask me. We read somewhere that you can put pictures of faces in baby's crib/cradle. Because babies dig faces, you see. :) So, I thought I'd try this idea on for size. We put a picture of Ellenora in Josefine's crade for a few of her naps. Each time, she fell asleep facing it! It was sweet, but we also realized (the longer we kept the picture in there) that she was effectively avoiding sleep because she was enjoying Ellenora so much! Out with that idea...we want this girl to sleep during naptime! As short-lived as it was, it was sweet and I snapped a picture of the sweetness. Well, Ellenora - Josefine already loves you! ♥


  1. That's so sweet!

    And I love that name -- Ellanora -- beautiful!

  2. I agree...Ellanora is a beautiful name!

    I think Josefine likes it so much because they could easily be twins! :-D


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