Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

Went in for my 6 week appt. at 8 weeks... ;) and brought my li'l girl in to see the Dr. that took care of her from the beginning! He really enjoyed getting to see her (The nurse was calling him "Grandpa" the whole time). They took a picture of me and her to put it on their bulletin board as a new tradition when Mama's bring their babies in.
Actually, here's the REAL story...I was in there for my check-up the day before. Originally, I had a picture like this taken on my phone, but didn't save it! Argh. I felt like a HUGE dork, but I really, really wanted a picture, so I went in the next day...swallowed my pride and requested another. No one seemed to mind. They were all ready to hold Josefine again! That's when I saw our picture on the bulletin board. We felt pretty special to be the first on display! ;)
Someday, I think she'll really like having a picture like this! I was a little bummed that he wasn't able to deliver her. He had a C-Section to do and my labor wasn't exactly scheduled! BUT, the Dr. that DID deliver Josefine was a great Dr. as well. Really...he was perfect for the situation and I was so thankful for him, his personality and humor through it all! I needed that! Below is a picture of us w/ her delivering Dr. and nurse Kristy. She was AMAZING!

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