Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa!!!

Today was Jim's Birthday - so Josefine and I did a little something special for him!

All dressed up for the occasion (this is actually preparation for his birthday).
Hey, any reason is a good reason to get all dolled up for Papa!
Then, we sent out a few cards from us to him.
Yes, we REALLY did put stamps on them and address them to our apartment!
It's so fun getting mail ON your birthday!
Josefine is getting into this whole "keep it a surprise" thing!
Shifty Eyes!

Then, we took the mail to our friend, Joe at the bookstore. :)
He graciously took our mail, even though I think Josefine was a bit disappointed to give it up!

Today was The Day and Jim got his cards in the mail! He was so pleased.
This is what he saw when he opened them.

We included these pictures so Papa could see just how much fun we had! Josefine's first experience with "finger paint" - actually an ink pad from my stamping collection!

She had a blast...I totally expected a bit of fussiness over getting all inked up. Nope, not from this girl. It's like she knew we were doing something exciting for Papa!

One of the cards had a "Pea in a Pod" on it - so we went with the theme. We like themes! Again, I expected a fussy baby...Mama WAS putting her through the rigamaroll to get some good shots of our surprise! She likes being a Pea Pod, I think!

"Ya'll come back now, ya hear!" :)


  1. Ohmygoodness....that pea in a pod outfit is ADOR-A-BLE.

  2. Too cute!!! She seems like such a happy girl!!! :)


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