Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mmmm, Jammies.

Josefine has so many cute Jammies, but hasn't been able to wear a single on since she's been born. All of them are marked "Newborn," but are apparently for another newborn...this particular newborn (named Josefine) just SWAM in them at first. So, she's been wearing her cute little onsies to bed. Not like SHE cares what she wears to bed. I'd just hate to see those Jammies go to waste! Well, this week she FINALLY started fitting into her newborn Jammies. And she's 2 months (will be on Saturday) old. I have learned that the marked sizes on infant clothes DO NOT MATTER one bit.

Josefine is sporting her Strawberry Jammies that go with her Strawberry Dress!
Here, we are rockin' out in a pair of (probably boy) Owl Jammies...we love Owls. And Elephants. AND I think Josefine looks stunning in blue. ;)

Oh, just l♥ve, l♥ve, l♥ving her Heart Jammies from Grandma Robin.

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  1. So cute!

    Elias has those OWL jammies! AND, we have that same receiving blanket set. I will have to take a replica photo of Elias in those items!

    Hope all is well.
    Thanks for all the fab comments earlier this week!!!!



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