Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today was Josefine's TWO month Birthday! So, we took lotsa pictures, as you can imagine. And we've started a tradition of taking a picture with the clock at the very minute she was born...won't it be fun to have a collection of these to see her grow and change!

Roughly 5:17pm on June 29

Pretty much 5:17pm on July 29

Practically 5:17pm on August 29

The first month picture by the clock was TOTALLY accidental. It was pure coincidence that the clock was in the background - although we DID purposely take the picture at 5:17pm.


We've also started a tradition (by accident, but I like the idea) of taking pictures of her little feetsies on her month-a-versaries (ya like that?). I'm kinda of a foot person...I think they're beautiful...well, most of them are anyway. :)

Josefeetsies - June 29

Josefeetsies - July 29

Josefeetsies - August 29


  1. Oh, my goodness, those montly pictures by the clock, and of her feet, are SO precious. :)


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