Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Months!

Today, Josefine has been filling our lives with joy for 3 months!

Here are a few know how we try to get a picture by a clock at the time she was born (5:17pm) - well, we did today at 4:17pm because we're in Colorado and she was born at 4:17pm Colorado Time. Anyhoo...we also did a "feet" picture, as is tradition for us.
We also "celebrated" with Piggy Tails for the first time!



  1. LOVE the pigtails :) too cute...
    Oh, this makes me want bad things...gotta go!
    not BAD bad, you know ;)

  2. I LOOVVEE the bottom right pic!!! I love the pigtails too!!

  3. She is SO cute - and where did you get those adorable leg warmers?

  4. So fun! Loving the pig tails. My niece was well over one year old, before her hair was long enough for pig tails.
    What a lucky gal she is!


  5. She is so adorable! It makes me wish Delaney had more hair :) but I guess time will cure that. I love the pigtails!

  6. I love the piggies...we used to do that with cute! :-D

    P.S. Is it weird that I just had the EXACT same word verification for this post as I did for my comment on your last post on your other blog?? Hmmmm....

  7. I LOVE the pigtails! I can't wait for Eva's hair to be long enough for stuff like that. Will probably take a couple years! :)


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