Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Josefine's Head

Josefine's Granny is putting together this amazing bulletin board for the shower tomorrow night. She is using an enlarged picture of Josefine's head...I can't wait to see the bulletin board in all it's completed glory! And I bet Mom Engle can't wait for it to be complete! She's worked so hard on this and I'm sure it's just going to be fabulous (Sylvia - it's rubbing off)!

So, in the meantime, THIS is the fun we've been having with Josefine's Head. :)


  1. Crack. Me. Up!

    You are too funny -- I saw the title for this post and thought, "What in the world..." :)

    By the way LOVE the new designs on all your websites! I didn't realize you had FOUR. How do you keep up? Superwoman :)

  2. YES.. I was super curious where the enlarged photo came from (you gave a sneak peek of it in your last post!).

    I am SO honored and excited to be a part of your first giveaway!
    I've already blogged about it and tweeted about it... and I plan to tweet about it daily!

    Hope all is fabulous..



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