Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Growing Up is Hard to Do...for Mama.

So, just looking at this picture makes me *sigh* miss the itty-bittyness of Josefine. She didn't sit for long...just long enough for the picture. But, still. Child, slow down. Mama's gonna have a nervous breakdown. Or, wait. That's Papa. ;)

On another "growing up" note. Josefine can now add *2 new states* to her "been to" list!

  • Missouri (not Missourah)
  • Kansas

And the more she grows...the longer her "been to" list will grow for sure. It's the life of an MK. :)


  1. ooh, where in Kansas?? that's where I'm from...

  2. I feel for you, sis! It's so bitter-sweet :)


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