Friday, October 16, 2009

Social Butterfly

I love that Josefine isn't afraid of new people. We knew, right from the 'git-go' that we'd want her to be comfortable around people...not that we can totally control EVERYTHING she's comfortable with, but we can give her experiences that allow her to be familiar with many different things. Life is going to be FULL of changes for our family...and a good time to adapt to change is always now.

When she was born, we had a bajillion visitors - she learned right away to be comfortable in the arms of other people who love her. The weeks after she was born, we had more visitors who held, cuddled and loved on her. I'm happy to give my li'l one a good start at becoming a social butterfly...

Josefine meets Liz
Sidenote: Liz is a long-time dear friend and fellow lover of photography. See her work here!



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