Friday, November 20, 2009

The Grass is Greener...

...when Josefine is on your side! ;)

Of course, I love any good opportunity to take my li'l girl out for some pictures. She didn't last long today after I bonked her in the nose with my camera and then made her sit on a piece of bark (sorry, baby!). Oh, and she kinda, sorta, *tilted* (not fell) off of the basket I had her lying on for a few photos...(to come). Note: I was right there...and broke her *tilt* completely. So, it was a very soft and friendly landing. No crying, either (that photo of her on the ground, craying wasn't directly after the *tilt*, but somewhere close to after it. ;) We're getting a little more mobile here, and I'm feelin' the push to get as many "sitting still" photos as I can right now! Not to mention, it was a beautiful day. We didn't even need a coat!

Picnik collage

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