Friday, October 2, 2009

Learning to be Flexible

We started Josefine off on a schedule. She would Sleep, Eat, Play - in that order - all day and pretty much at the same time every day. Well, folks...we're breaking the schedule a lot these days. Being an MK just doesn't allow for precise scheduling. At least not for now. I will say, though...that the schedule worked wonders at first and I'd be a fool to think it didn't help her to be more flexible now. We keep the same pattern of Sleep, Eat, Play - it's just not so much by the clock's give or take, sometimes an hour. Speaking of "hour." I keep up with "Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom" and she's been talking about the "time change" coming up. I would be concerned about this, and eager to implement adjustments for Josefine...except, I think she's been adjusted already.

  • A few weeks ago we drove to Michigan from I♥wa - that's forward one hour

  • Then we drove back to I♥wa - back an hour

  • Last week we drove to Colorado - back another hour

  • and back to I♥wa - forward an hour again
See what I mean...I laugh in the face of one hour time's when we travel across the ocean to Germany - and face a 7 hour time difference - then, I'll be praying, praying, praying that she won't even notice. Riiight...there will be adjustments...I'm sure of it.

For now, though...we're learning quite well to sleep just about anywhere...
like restaurant booths.


  1. It is OK to flex a schedule!! Flexible babies are content babies. Trust mantra has been 'My baby can go wherever I go'....and it.helps. That's what babywise is....PARENT directed, not schedule or baby directed....sorry, I could go on and on. But being an in-charge parent is a good thing, Josefine will (probably has) learn to trust you very quickly!!!
    You're a great mommy!!

  2. Enjoy that sleeping anywhere phase while it lasts -- I miss those days ;)

  3. Oh, my goodness, that is so great. :) Zachary had no semblance of a schedule until he was at least 6 months old. :) We tried, but he just wanted to eat when he wanted to...and would have none of waiting. :) That's great that she's so flexible for you, and yeah, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. :)

  4. stopping by from SITS! Josefine is gorgeous! And although I have no babies yet, if I am blessed with a girl, her middle name will be Josephine, after my Sicilian grandmother :) What type of camera do you use by the way? The pictures are amazing!

  5. I am a firm believer of fixed schedules. My sister and I had babies 9 days apart (very cool).She actually lived in our guesthouse. I was the flexible schedule mom and she was the strict exact time every day mom.
    Well, I was able to do more things including my baby and my baby was well adjusted. She had to stay home most of the time or leave from wherever we were early. My nephew was a nightmare when his schedule was broken here and there. That's my little bit.

    Love your blogs.

  6. My little girl is 14 months and we are still trying to get her on a solid schedule! We have such crazy lives, it is hard sometimes! I have to say she does do so much better and is far happier when she stays on schedule! Hope it works out well for you! Love the picture of her in the restaurant booth(can't count how many times we have done this.)

  7. Hey. Is that a Smokey Row restaurant booth? :)

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  9. Looks like Smokey Row...must of been before you stopped here. Probably also why she was so awake and talkative when you got here. ;)


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